Enjoy a 10% Bonus / Discount for each Reload / Bill Payment made via the MyDialog App

  • The customer is required to save their credit/debit card on the MyDialog App and make payments/ reloads using the saved card to obtain a 10% bonus / discount
  • This offer is only applicable to customers who have not saved any cards on the MyDialog App prior to the promo start date.
  • If a customer already has a card saved by the time the promo starts and saves another card, they are still not eligible to participate in the promo.
  • If a customer removes an already saved card and saves another card in replacement by the time the promo starts, they are still not eligible to participate in the promo.
  • To receive these benefits, the customer is required to save their card & make reloads/payments during the promo period of 3 months.
  • Offer valid till 09/02/2023.
Bonus/Discount criteria
  • Customers are required to reload/pay the bill for any Dialog Mobile/Dialog Television/Home Broadband connection with the saved card to receive the bonus/discount.
  • The benefit will be received by the payment / reload recipient.
  • A 10% bonus reload/discount of the payment/reload value will be added to the customer's connection balance or monthly bill in real-time.
  • The bonus received by prepaid customers will be a standard reload which can be used for all purposes including voice, Data, VAS activations etc. & the reload bonus will have standard reload validity.
  • For Postpaid customers, the discount will be reflected in the customer's bill in the following month.
  • If the customer activates voice/Data/combo packs, an equal monetary value will be allocated to his/her balance. E.g. If the customer reloads Rs. 498, a reward of Rs. 49.80 will be added to their connection balance.
  • The maximum cumulative bonus/discount per user is Rs. 1,500/- per month.
  • All decisions related to this promotion made by Dialog will be considered final.
MyDialog App Reload / Bill payment Steps
  • Step 1

    Open the MyDialog app and click on RELOAD / PAY

  • Step 2

    Select the number you want to reload / bill payment from the list and enter the value. Click PAY to proceed
    If the number is not in the list... Learn More

  • Step 3

    Enter ATM (credit/debit) card details in the respective fields. Click CONTINUE
    It’s very easy If you click on the ‘Save Card’ Option... Learn More

  • Step 4

    Optional Feature If you wish to take an e-receipt for the transaction, enter an email address

  • Step 5

    Transaction is completed, and reload / bill payment / data pack will be added to your account

Help Tips

Select the number you want to reload / bill payment

  • If the number is not in the list, click “+ Pay for others/ Lesi Pay” and add number. From this feature you can reload any Dialog number or pay any Dialog TV/ Home Broadband bill and help anyone to reload or make bill payments
  • For Mobile Prepaid connection, you can enter any reload amount / data pack value (Ex – Rs.99/- , Rs.199/- or any special pack value (Ex – Rs.345/- Triple Blaster , Rs.249/- Video Blaster)

Enter ATM (credit/debit) card details in the respective fields.

If you click ‘Save card’ option, the card details will be saved in the app. If you save and verify the card you can instantly reload without any hassle using Quick Pay function in future. To verify the card, you should enter the random refundable value deducted from your bank account accordingly.