What if I forget or do not use the service?

For active customers - Dialog will implement a proactive monthly SMS notification to customers that have subscribed to a VAS. Some of our services already have this feature while others do not. We intend to extend this notification covering our services to ensure that even if a customer has forgotten that they activated a service, the SMS will be a reminder that a service is active. The SMS will also carry information to unsubscribe from the service.
For dormant customers - Dialog regularly reviews service subscriptions of every individual subscriber and their consumption of these services to prevent charging for services which haven't been accessed by the subscriber. The objective of this exercise is to remove services in case one has forgotten about the subscription or the need for the service is nonexistent as our records would indicate that the customer has not used the service for a period of time. However, this has certain limitations as content services delivered via SMS is assumed to be consumed when the content is delivered on to the mobile. As a measure of additional customer protection, starting from 01 February 2019, Dialog will evaluate consumers that have subscribed to value added services. If a customer has not consumed the service in 90-days consecutively, where feasible, Dialog will terminate the service proactively. If the subscriber wishes to avail any of the terminated services, a fresh subscription should be made.

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