Dialog First in Sri Lanka to Extend
eSIM Support for Apple Watches

ONE NUMBER for both your iPhone and Apple Watch

Watch Series compatible with Dialog ONE NUMBER

  • Apple Watch Ultra
    Model A2684 (49mm)
  • Apple Watch Series 8
    Model A2773 (41mm)/
    Model A2775 (45mm)
  • Apple Watch Series 7
    Model A2476 (41mm)/
    Model A2478 (45mm)
  • Apple Watch Series 6
    Model A2375 (40mm)/
    Model A2376 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch SE
    Model A2355 (40mm)/
    Model A2356 (44mm)
    Model A2725 (40mm)/
    Model A2724 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch 5
    Model A2156 (40mm)/
    Model A2157 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch 4
    Model A2007 (40mm)/
    Model A2008 (44mm)
  • Apple Watch 3
    Model A1889 (38mm)/
    Model A1891 (42mm)

One Number Service for Apple Watch

Apple Watch and iPhone

Dialog ONE NUMBER service for Apple Watch extends the connection from your iPhone to your Apple Watch, enabling you to make and receive calls and connect to the internet from your Apple Watch (Cellular) without needing an iPhone nearby.

  1. Your Watch will have the same number as your mobile connection
  2. Make/receive calls by connecting to the mobile network or Wi-Fi
  3. Both Phone & Watch will ring simultaneously when a call is received
  4. Send/receive iMessages (will not be able to send/receive SMS )
  5. Calls and data usage will be charged to your mobile connection

Set up cellular on your Apple Watch

An Apple Watch with cellular automatically switches to the most power efficient wireless available. When in close proximity it can connect to an iPhone, a Wi-Fi network or cellular. When the Watch connects to cellular it uses a LTE/3G network.

Customer can check the signal strength from Control Center or the Explorer watch face. To open Control Center, touch and hold the bottom of the screen, then swipe up.

apple watch green button

The cellular button turns green when it has discovered a connection.

apple watch white button

The cellular button turns white when the cellular plan is active (Watch is connected to the iPhone using Bluetooth of Wi-Fi)

Since the pairing requires the same carrier, the same number as in the phone will simply be assigned to the cellular plan in the Watch. Therefore, use the same number as on the phone for cellular setup in the Dialog system portal.

Activation Guide

  • Pair the Watch with your iPhone.

    esim setup step1
  • Select “Mobile Data” on your iPhone’s “Watch app”

    esim setup step1
  • Select ‘Set up Mobile Data’

    esim setup step2
  • Your Dialog mobile number will be automatically added to the portal

    esim setup step3
  • Insert the NIC or the passport number of the connection and select Login

    esim setup step4
  • Provide a “Nickname” for the device and tap ‘Terms & Conditions’, select “OK” and then “PROCEED”

    esim setup step7
  • You will receive the confirmation via SMS for the service request & activation

    esim setup step8
  • Next time you visit settings, you will see your Watch profile

    esim setup step8

Requirements to activate the service

  • Any Prepaid or Postpaid connection with VoLTE service is eligible to activate the service
  • Connections under individual ownership needs to enter the NIC or Passport number
  • Connections under corporate ownership need to enter the NIC of the current user
  • If the current user’s details are not updated with Dialog, this needs to be updated via the account manager to be able to activate the service.
  • Phone Models - iPhone 6s or newer models using iOS 15.1 or newer Operating System
  • Watch Models - Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models with WatchOS 8.0 or newer Operating System
  • Watch model should be GPS + Cellular Series 3 and above global versions (Europe and Asia Pacific) , do not support US region models.
Watch Series Compatible model Global versions
- Europe and Asia Pacific
Non-Compatible model
- US region models
Apple Watch Series 8 Model A2773 (41mm) Model A2772 (41mm)
Model A2775 (45mm) Model A2774 (45mm)
Apple Watch Series 7 Model A2476 (41mm) Model A2475 (41mm)
Model A2478(45mm) Model A2477(45mm)
Apple Watch Series 6 Model A2375 (40mm) Model A2353 (40mm)
Model A2376 (44mm) Model A2354 (44mm)
Apple Watch SE Model A2355 (40mm) Model A2353 (40mm)
Model A2356 (44mm) Model A2354 (44mm)
Model A2725 (40mm) Model A2726 (40mm)
Model A2724 (44mm) Model A2727 (44mm)
Apple Watch Ultra Model A2684 (49mm) Model A2622 (49mm)
Apple Watch 5 Model A2156 (40mm) Model: A2094(40mm)
Model A2157 (44mm) Model: A2095 (44mm)
Apple Watch 4 Model A2007 (40mm) Model: A1975 (40mm)
Model A2008 (44mm) Model: A1976 (44mm)
Apple Watch 3 Model A1889 (38mm) Model: A1860, A1890 (38mm)
Model A1891 (42mm) Model: A1861, A1892 (42mm)

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