Dialog Axiata Plc led the way in corporate environment consciousness with Sri Lanka’s first mobile phone accessories and handset take-back programme initiated in 2007, aimed at reducing electronic or mobile waste (M-waste) with the endorsement and the guidance of the Central Environment Authority. Dialog recognized that going forward M-waste could take the form of a significant environmental concern if forward thinking steps were not taken at an early stage to develop social and institutional consciousness on the subject.

This project was launched with the aim of collecting used handsets, batteries and accessories for recycling, to prevent these from reaching landfill sites in the country. This initiative has grown into a large scale waste management programme with well-established collection systems, transportation, storage and exporting mechanisms which are in line with the regulatory requirements as well as international obligations on management of electronic-waste.

In an effort to implement this programme on a nationwide scale, the Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Central Environment Authority (CEA) of Sri Lanka in July 2009, where an agreement was reached between the two parties to expand the existing waste collection network of Dialog and identify suitable locations to install waste collection centres and improve collection mechanisms.

The CEA endorses the project by inspecting the process of collection and shipping, continuously. All collected handsets and accessories are exported to recycling plant overseas for recycling in accordance with the Basel Convention for the transboundary movement of hazardous waste material.

The 14 collection points set up at the inception have now expanded to 145 collection points spanning all of Dialog’s service centres and service points across the country.

You can drop off your mobile waste in the special M-Waste containers at your nearest Dialog Service Centre.

Dialog recommends that you first clear your device of sensitive information.

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