Mobile Messaging has now evolved beyond (SMS) text messaging into MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS delivers a total communication experience, allowing mobile subscribers to share personalized multimedia content such as images, audio, text, video and combinations of these. Capture and share your experiences when and wherever they happen.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a store and forward messaging service that allows mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. As such it can be seen as an evolution of SMS, with MMS supporting the transmission of additional media types:

  • Text

  • Picture

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Combinations of the above

  • Entertainment & image sharing

  • Send and receive multimedia messages and share among friends

  • Personalized messages

  • Create your own message in a presentation style to suit the occasion

  • No rental required

How to use MMS?


  • MMS Enabled phone (MMS Compatible phones)

  • Dialog GPRS and MMS enabled connection

MMS activation:

The service will be automatically activated when an MMS is sent.

MMS settings:

To receive MMS configuration settings : Type MMS and sent to 700

Sending to a Non-compatible MMS phone

If the message is sent to a non-compatible MMS phone the user will receive a SMS message along the lines of: "You have been sent a picture message!"

Sending an email through MMS

Compose the message and type the email address on the recipient address and press send.

  • Outgoing D2D Rs. 2.00 + GPRS charges

  • Outgoing D2ND Rs. 7.00 + GPRS charges

  • Outgoing International Rs.10.00 + GPRS charges

  • Incoming Only GPRS charges


Applicable taxes to be added