The Different Charges Applied to a Customer and How to View Them?

Value Added Services (VAS) range from managing your connection using default & free of charge services such as Call Forward, Call Waiting, Caller Line Identification, Missed Call Alert, SMS Block and Call Block services, to services that meet user specific needs and financial requirements such as RingIN Tones, Video Streaming, Content Download, News Alerts, Horoscope checks, lottery related services, Share Credit, Insurance and Loan services.

Charges on your Postpaid or Prepaid connection therefore may include base package rentals, usage charges of Voice, Data, IDD, SMS & Roaming, Value Added Service charges and government taxes.

When a new VAS is activated, an SMS is generated stating charges applicable, the frequency of charging and for most VAS, the deactivation method.

Prepaid customers are notified every time their balance is deducted for Voice and SMS services.

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