13. What are the plan activation limitations?

>  Customers can activate the above plans with any combination of current prepaid plans or as a standalone plan. 

>  Prepaid Multiple Recurrent plans cannot be activated at the same time. Once the customer deactivates the Prepaid Recurrent plan, they can activate another recurrent plan right after without having to wait for the deactivated plan to expire.

>  Multiple Add-on One-time plan activations are allowed. There are no pre-requisites for Add-on plans to be activated. 

>  Any download or upload within Facebook/YouTube/WhatsApp/Instagram & Viber is free, but the customer will be charged, if a customer uses a 3rd party URL or any other application.

>  To ensure a seamless experience, customers must always have an active Anytime Data quota, in addition to their YouTube & Social Media plan quotas, as some of the platform initiation and continuation services require protocols that are outside of the whitelisted ones in plan (due to the presence of 3rd party URLs within the applications) and if the customer use Facebook chat/ messenger.

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