12. What is the Data priority for Gaming Packages?

Data Priority:

Data Type Data Priority
Unlimited and Application-Based (Netflix, Work and Learn Lite and 30 GB Packs, O365, Gaming Quota of Gaming Packs (Gamer Plus & Gamer Lite - If multiple gaming quotas exist the gaming quota with the latest expiry will be consumed first) 1
Nighttime Add-ons (OWL PACKAGES)/FREE Night Bonus (pack with the least expiry will be consumed first) 2
Work & Learn Plus 35 GB and 80 GB Packages 3
Anytime Quota of Gamer Lite Add-on
Bonus Data 5
Add-ons (extensions)

** Will consume first (high priority) if first to expire
Unlimited One-Time Data Add-on (if multiple exist, package with least expiry should be consumed first) 7
Anytime Quota of Gamer Plus Base Pack/Standard Packages/Anytime Base Packages 8

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