FAQs for 444

Purchase Train Tickets

1. Am I allowed to book tickets on berth?

2. Are there any differences in charging when selecting a shorter journey?

3. Are there any penalties involved in cancellation?

4. Are there any separate tickets for different age limits?

5. Can any Dialog customer use the service?

6. Can I make reservations through warrant / pass dialing 444?

7. Do certain trains take journeys only one way?

8. Do I need to register before using the service?

9. Does a customer need to have a sufficient balance to do this reservation?

10. How can I cancel a reserved ticket?

11. How can I collect my ticket?

12. How can I use the service?

13. How many days prior to the scheduled date can a customer reserve the tickets?

14. How many tickets can be issued per NIC/per number? 

15. How much will Dialog charge for the service?

16. How to collect the reserved ticket?

17. How to reserve your train tickets?

18. If a schedule is cancelled how can I get my money back?

19. Is there any possibility in cancelling Blueline train?

20. On prepaid what is the minimum requirement on the account to reserve the tickets?

21. What are slow trains?

22. What are the adjoining and facing seat numbers?

23. What are the charging rates for foreigners?

24. What are the destinations available for Train ticket service?

25. What are the sub-services available under 444?

26. What are the trains stops at a given station related to a journey?

27. What is mTicketing?

28. What is Rajadhani service?

29. What is the charging mechanism for this service?

30. What is the IVR charge for this service?

31. What is the maximum time period allocated for a schedule to make reservations through dialing 444?