FAQs for Prepaid Mobile Data Plans

Fun Blaster 98 Plan (Prepaid)

1. What is this package?

2. What is the purpose of introducing this plan?

3. Is this package available for both prepaid & postpaid customers?

4. How do I activate the Data Plan?

5. How do I deactivate this plan?

6. What is the additional reward given for activating Fun Blaster 98 plan via Digital Top-ups?

7. Does the package allow me to enjoy unlimited data for Facebook Messenger as well?

8. Does this package allow me to stream HD videos?

9. Will I be charged if I click on a link and access a different application or URL other than the applications offered with Fun Blaster?

10. Is this plan available for Dialog Mobile 3G customers?

11. I am 4G customer using a 4G SIM on a 4G device. After activating this plan, will I be charged for data for using the relevant applications offered in Fun Blaster when I am latched to the 3G network?

12. What would happen if I attempt to activate this plan through a direct reload without a 4G handset and a 4G SIM?

13. How does the data quota priority work, if I have activated this plan with other data plans or internet cards?

14. If a prepaid customer has two or more of the same plan activated at the same time, when will the validity period end?

15. How do I check data usage?

16. What if I want to watch a high-quality video on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram without the speed restriction on the package?

17. How do I know whether the Fun Blaster Data Plan’s speed restriction is currently removed or applied?

18. Is it necessary for me to have another additional data quota or additional data balance on my mobile to use unlimited YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram?