FAQs for Apps

ViU App

1. Where can I find the Dialog ViU app? 

2. What is the login process? 

3. Which mobile OS versions are compatible with the ViU app? 

4. What type of content is available on ViU? 

5. What special offer is Dialog providing with ViU? 

6. What is the Standard pack pricing? 

7. What do you get with the Standard pack subscription? 

8. How can I subscribe to the Standard package on ViU? 

9. What would be the applicable tax? 

10. Will the plan be auto-renewed upon subscription? 

11. How do I deactivate the package? 

12. How do I know the difference between FREE and PAID content? 

13. What content is in the FREE zone? 

14. How do I change the video quality (resolution) settings? 

15. I tried to stream Dialog ViU and my Data finished. Why? 

16. I have a Data only SIM, can I use this number on ViU? 

17. I want to set parental restrictions on the ViU app. How do I do it? 

18. If I forget the PIN, how do I get a new PIN? 

19. What are the available subscription packages?

20. I have added my Dialog TV account on the Dialog ViU App, but I still can’t watch my channels. Why? 

21. What are the Dialog Television rental packs available for a Dialog Television connection at home? 

22. I can’t find the Catch-Up TV feature for certain channels? 

23. Why doesn’t my Dialog TV GO app work anymore?                    

24. How do I search for my favourite drama or movie? 

25. Can I share ViU app videos on social media? 

26. Can I use the app outside Sri Lanka? 

27. How can I get help on ViU? 

28. What if a Dialog SIM is still charged Data for streaming ViU content?  

29. Will the app work on Smart Android TVs? 

30. What happens if we use dual SIM cards? If so, do we need to remove the other SIM card and watch? 

31. Is it Data free for iPhones? 

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