In-Flight Data Roaming

Data Roaming access has been provided on the most popular airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Thai Airways, Oman Air, British Airways and many more.

Have a stress-free experience when activating multiple plans to get Data Roaming in the air and on the ground! We are now providing complimentary in-flight internet access for all customers who have activated a Dialog Data Roaming Plan.

How to activate inflight data roaming for customers?
For customers who have activated International Data Roaming

If you have already activated a Data Roaming Daily Plan (USD 5 per day) or Data Roaming Monthly Plan (USD 50 per month) on your connection, you are eligible for complementary 1GB data roaming on your Flight. T&C apply.

For customers who haven't activated International Data Roaming Plan

Data Roaming services will not be activated by default while on your flight until you opt for a Data Roaming Plan. If you wish to use in-flight internet access, you may activate a Data Roaming Daily Plan (USD 5 a day) or Data Roaming Monthly Plan (USD 50 per month) by dialling #103*2# or using the MyDialog App with no additional Data charges.

  • You will be able to make & receive calls, send SMS & use Data while on an airplane. As the in-flight network availability depends on the aircraft, we cannot guarantee the coverage you will receive when using in-flight Data Roaming. You will be notified via SMS of the network availability.

  • Chat Pack users are not eligible for the complimentary in-flight Data.

  • In-flight Data access will reset at midnight (12 AM) or will expire every day at midnight (12 AM), standard Sri Lankan time.

  • The Data Roaming Monthly Plan is not enabled for Prepaid customers.