We are working on enhancing your Mithra experience with a host of additional features, which will be available soon. Until then Mithra services will unavailable. Please WhatsApp us on +94765577576 for any queries.

mithra app

Mithra connects to your loved ones wherever you are

Mithra, your overseas buddy

Dialog Mithra allows you to stay connected to your loved ones when you are overseas by enabling calls, money remittance, local entertainment and gifting.

What you can do

Wallet on your mobile

Sign up for a Mithra wallet, which will reside directly on your mobile

Add money

Topping up your Mithra wallet is easy and convenient

receive money
Send money

The easiest and fastest way to send money back home

Pay bills

Pay your home bills, directly from your Mithra


Enjoy local entertainment and infotainment from your Mithra app


How to create your Mithra Wallet

wallet selfie
wallet selfie
wallet registration

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