Dialog Home Broadband Unlimited Data Packs

Enjoy the Best Unlimited Data packages in Sri Lanka from Dialog Home Broadband.

Choose from a wide-range of 1 Day, 7 Days & 30 Days Dialog Home Broadband Unlimited Data Plans starting from Rs.254/- upwards.

Go worry free with Dialog Home Broadband Unlimited Data!

  • Data Quota

    (Speed - 2 Mbps)

    1 Day

    Rs. 254

    7 Days

    Rs. 782

    30 Days

    Rs. 2,617

  • Data Quota

    (Speed - 4 Mbps)

    1 Day

    Rs. 470

    7 Days

    Rs. 1,523

    30 Days

    Rs. 5,777

  • Data Quota

    (Speed - 8 Mbps)

    1 Day

    Rs. 867

    7 Days

    Rs. 2,552

    30 Days

    Rs. 8,620

*Above package prices are inclusive of taxes.


Activation methods

For Prepaid Packages
  • Online Activation
  • USSD
    Eg: To activate 2Mbps 1 Day One-time Package, dial #678# -> Home Broadband -> HBB number -> Activate Data Plan -> Unlimited Data Plans -> 2 Mbps speed limit -> 1 Day Unlimited One-Time Pack – Rs. 254 -> Activate
  • SMS

    Onetime Pack Activation: Type BB<space><Package Price>UL<space>HBB Acc Number
    Eg: Activating 2Mbps 1 Day Pack : BB 254UL 11XXXXXXXX

    Recurrent Pack Activation: Type BB<space><Package Price>ULR<space>HBB Acc Number
    Eg: Activating 2Mbps Recurrent Pack : BB 2617ULR 11XXXXXXXX

    [Note: If you want to deactivate the Recurrent Pack, type BB<space><Package Price>ULD<space>HBB Acc Number]
    Eg: Deactivating 2Mbps Recurrent Pack : BB 2617ULD 11XXXXXXXX

  • Direct Reload

    Applicable only for One Time Unlimited Data Plans activations

    Customers may activate any One Time Unlimited Data Plan by reloading the exact rupee value mentioned

For Postpaid Packages

For 30-Day Package (This will act as a monthly package)

Existing Dialog Home Broadband customers can do the package upgrade via below channels

  • My Account
  • The MyDialog App
  • USSD
    Dial #678# -> press "Home broadband" -> Enter your Home Broadband number -> select "Change the Data Package"

New Dialog Home Broadband customers can activate this via below channels

For 1-Day & 7-Day Packages (This will act as an Add-on)

  • Online Activation
  • SMS
    Type BB<space><Package Rental>UL<space>HBB Acc Number)
    Eg: To activate 2Mbps 1 Day One-time Package. type BB<space>254UL<HBB Acc Number>
    (Only available for 1-Day and 7-Day packages)

Terms & Conditions

  • Above 1-Day & 7-Day packages will be one-time activations for Prepaid Dialog Home Broadband customers who can activate these packages at any given time. However, Postpaid Dialog Home Broadband customers can activate these packages as Data Add-ons on top of their already existing monthly package.
  • Any package above the 30-Day pack will be a recurrent activation, where it will be auto-renewed every month for both Prepaid and Postpaid Dialog Home Broadband customers. For Prepaid customers, a sufficient credit balance should be available in order to auto-renew the 30-Day package. For Postpaid customer this will act as a monthly package.
  • If the postpaid customer has already activated an 30-Day monthly Unlimited package, Unlimited Add-on activation is not allowed.
  • Telegram, Torrent and any other identified movie downloading software will be restricted to 1Mbps speed.
  • Network speeds may vary based on the site congestion [The speeds mentioned are the highest possible speeds under each pack].
  • Any misusers detected on the network will be subjected to be throttled or discontinued after consulting the TRCSL.

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