Bonus Talk Time

You will receive 2 minutes of BONUS IDD Talk Time for every 3 minutes of your IDD call.
To get this offer dial #243# & activate.
  • No rental or activation fee.

  • Bonus minutes are valid only to the current call and are not transferrable to the next call.

  • The longer the duration of your IDD call is, the more bonus minutes you will receive i.e. you will be charged for the first three minutes of your call however, the fourth and fifth minutes will be FREE. Likewise, you will be charged for the sixth, seventh and eighth minutes and the ninth and tenth will be FREE

  • If you have already activated an IDD Bonus offer, you are eligible to enjoy the 2 for 3 offer only after finishing your already allocated IDD Bonus voice minutes

  • Available for all Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

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